OBJECTIVE OF TARGUI: Targui’s objective is to gain the most victory points by expanding your tribe and exchanging goods for gold.



  • 80 cards: 16 Territory cards, 45 Tribe cards (blue), 19 Merchandise cards (red)
  • 8 Gold coins
  • 6 Targui figurines (3 per player)
  • 1 Thief figurine
  • 4 Tribe markers (2 per player)
  • 30 goods tokens
  • 15 victory point tokens

TYPE OF GAME: worker placement duel game

AUDIENCE: teen, adult


You control a Tuareg tribe that you have to develop by collecting resources and trading. By strategically placing your Targui figurines, you will gain access to different abilities and collect valuable resources to buy cards to expand your Tribe. Beware of the thief who regularly launches raids, remember to set aside to avoid disappointment.


Place the 16 Territory cards (also called border cards) to form a rectangle whose width and length is equal to five cards, in the order of 1 to 16, so that the card number 16 is in the top left corner. These cards will never move.

Place the Tribe and Merchandise cards (central cards) in the central area (consisting of a grid of 3×3 cards) alternating them:

Merchandise, Tribe, Merchandise
Tribe,          Merchandise,          Tribe
Merchandise, Tribe, Merchandise

Give to each Player:  파워볼사이트

  • 3 wooden Targui figures in its own colour
  • 2 cylindrical wooden Tribe markers in its own colour
  • 6 items: 2 dates, 2 salt, 2 pepper
  • 1 Gold
  • 4 Victory Point tokens
Game setup, blue player first


The game lasts a maximum of 15 turns, which is the time for the Thief to go around the Territory cards.

Phases of a turn

1. Move the Thief one square clockwise.

  • On the first turn of the game, the Thief is placed on the number one square (Territory card) called The Noble.
  • When the Thief reaches a corner, there is a Raid (see Raids).

2. Place the Targui figurines in turn on the Territory cards.

  • Each in turn, starting with the first player, the players place their 3 Targui one by one.
  • Each player will then occupy 3 Territory cards (because he has 3 Targui).

Note: It is forbidden to place a Targui on the following cards: card where the Thief is, Raid (the four corners), with another Targui, facing an opposing Targui, on the cards of the central zone.

3. Place Tribe markers at the crossover points on the 9 central cards.

  • Players place their Tribe markers: They draw an imaginary line from their respective Targui counters to the opposite side and place one Tribe marker per crossing.
  • If they have two Targui figurines on the same column or row, there will only be one crossing and they will not be able to place all their Tribe markers.

4. Carry out the actions

  • The first player can carry out all his actions thanks to his Targui figurines and Tribe markers.
  • The order is free, but the player must fully complete the action of one card before starting another. The player can use the action of a Territory

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