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  SCOPA OBJECTIVE OF SCOPA:  The objective of SCOPA is to play cards from your hand to capture cards on the table. NUMBER OF PLAYERS:   2 Players MATERIALS:  A flat space, and a standard deck of 52 cards or an Italian set of cards TYPE OF GAME:  Capturing card game AUDIENCE:   8+ OVERVIEW OF SCOPA The goal in Scopa is to capture the most cards by the end of the game. Players do this by using cards from their hands to either capture one card of the same value or a set of cards whose sum is the value of the card used. There are many variations of Scopa, most notably Scopone which is just a more difficult version of Scopa. SETUP If you are not using an Italian deck all 10s, 9s, and 8s will need to be removed from the 52-card deck. Then the dealer may shuffle the cards and deal the other player and themselves three cards, one at a time. Then four cards will be revealed into the center of the table. The remaining deck is placed face down near both players in the center of the table. If the


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  MYSTERIUM OBJECTIVE OF MYSTERIUM:  The objective of Mysterium is to deduce the correct answer for the murder using the ghost’s clues. NUMBER OF PLAYERS:   2 – 7 Players MATERIALS:  6 character sleeves, 6 character markers, 6 player clairvoyance markers, 36 clairvoyance tokens, 1 clock board,4 progress boards, 54 psychic cards (location, character, and objects),1 minute hourglass, 1 clairvoyance tracker, 54 ghost cards (location, character, and objects), 1 game screen, 6 ghost tokens, 6 culprit tokens, 3 crow tokens, and 84 vision cards. TYPE OF GAME:  Deduction Murder Mystery AUDIENCE:   10+ OVERVIEW OF MYSTERIUM There are two types of players in Mysterium, you are either a physic trying to solve the murder, or you are a ghost helping the psychic to solve the crime. The goal for the ghost is to use strange visions to lead the players to pick their correct suspects, locations and murder weapons and then to lead all players to correctly guess the correct solution. The goal as the physi


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  KATTI OBJECTIVE OF KATTI:  The objective of Katti is to correctly guess which pile your card will be discarded to win the bet. MATERIALS :  A standard 52 card deck, a flat surface and something to bet with (chips, money, cookies, points) TYPE OF GAME:  Betting Card Game  OVERVIEW OF KATTI Katti, also known as Andar Bahar in India, is a betting card game where the odds are 50/50. It’s supposed to be luck-based though it is a popular game that is played on the streets of India where the dealers have been known to shift the odds in their favor.  If you’re lacking a deck of cards and someone to play with you’re in luck because thanks to technology, this day in age you can play Andar Bahar against live dealers. SETUP To setup one player must be the dealer. They will shuffle the deck of cards and be ready to deal out cards for the table. Players will need to have their betting equipment (chips, money, etc.) on hand.  토토사이트 The dealer will then deal 13 cards out on the table face up and pla


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  BRISCOLA OBJECTIVE OF BRISCOLA:  The objective of Briscola is to earn the highest value of points. NUMBER OF PLAYERS:   2 to 6 Players (5 players should play Briscola Chiamata) MATERIALS:  A flat space, and a standard deck of 52 cards or an Italian set of cards TYPE OF GAME:  Trick-taking card game AUDIENCE:   8+ OVERVIEW OF BRISCOLA The goal is Briscola is to earn points to assure that you beat your opponent. In a two-player game, the amount of points needed is 61 points. You achieve this by winning tricks while playing and adding up the values of the cards won.   SETUP If you are not using an Italian deck all 10s, 9s, and 8s will need to be removed from the 52-card deck. Then the dealer shuffles the remaining deck, deals each player three cards and flips another card faceup on the table. The remaining deck is placed facedown next to the revealed card. The revealed card is called the Briscola. It is the trump suit for the remainder of the game.  Card Ranking and Values The cards in


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OBJECTIVE OF CATCH’N FISH:  The first player to match five pairs wins the game NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  2 – 4 players CONTENTS:  55 cards, 1 spinner TYPE OF GAME:  Fishing Card Game AUDIENCE:  Ages 4 – 6 INTRODUCTION OF CATCH’N FISH Catch’n Fish is a fishing card game for kids.  In this game, players pair cards in their hand to match the sum or difference of the spinner.  They can make as many matches as possible on their turn.  If a player cannot make a match, they are allowed to ask an opponent for a card.  If a player runs out of cards, they spin the spinner to see how many they can draw.  The first player to make five matches wins the game. CONTENTS There are fifty five cards in the deck.  Forty of them are numbered 1-10 (four of each number), and six of them have the number 0 on them.  There are 9 wild cards that can be used in place of any needed number.  Finally, there is a double sided spinner that can be used for an addition game or a subtraction game. SETUP  Insert the spinner’s a


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  OBJECTIVE OF SUPER MARIO JENGA:  The player with the most coins after the tower falls is the winner NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  2 – 4 players CONTENTS:  45 blocks, 1 stacking sleeve, 4 character pegs, 4 character cards, 1 spinner, 1 Bowser figure, 34 coins TYPE OF GAME:  Dexterity Board Game AUDIENCE:  Ages 8+ INTRODUCTION OF SUPER MARIO JENGA Play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad in this racing brick stacking remix of the old classic – Jenga.  In this game, players will move their piece up the stack, collect coins, and battle Bowser.  The player who knocks over the tower will pay a steep penalty at the end of the game, and the player who climbs highest before the tower falls wins the game. CONTENTS The box contains 45 plastic Jenga blocks, a stacking sleeve to help with stabilizing the tower, 4 character pegs (Mario, Luigi, Peach & Toad), a spinner used to determined a player’s action on their turn, a Bowser figure which sits at the top of the tower in the beginning, 26 gold coins, and 8