OBJECTIVE OF ARIMAA: The objective of Arimaa is to be the first player to get your rabbits to the opposite side of the board.


MATERIALS: 32 Chess Pieces, 8×8 board, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAMEStrategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up


 In Arimaa, stronger animals like elephants and camels are able to push and pull the weaker animals around. They may push them into traps, and while you are defending, their rabbit may sneak past you. Although it sounds simple, it can take a lifetime of playing to master this game. Each player will take turns while their opponent watches closely. The players should try and move their rabbits to the other side of the board without losing all of them! 샌즈카지노


Beginning with an empty 8×8 board, the player with the gold pieces will place them on the first two rows of their side. Game pieces are able to be placed in any way that the player wants, as there are no set starting positions. The player with the silver game pieces will then place their pieces on the first two rows of their side however they see fit. The game is then ready to begin!


The player with the gold pieces will begin the game by making the first move. Players may only move their pieces right, left, forward, or backwards. Players are allowed to move their pieces four steps during their turn, moving one piece four spaces, or they may distribute the moves across numerous game pieces.

Players are allowed to skip steps, but they must make at least one during their turn. Stronger game pieces are able to move weaker ones. The order of strength, from highest to lowest is as follows: elephant, camel, horse, dog, cat, and rabbit. Rabbits are unable to go backwards by themselves, but they may be pushed or pulled.

A push or pull uses two steps. If a piece is pushing something, it is unable to pull something at the same time. If a weaker piece finds itself beside a stronger piece of the opponents, then it is unable to move unless it is pushed or pulled. If a friendly piece is able to get beside it, then the game piece is able to move freely.

Gameplay continues in this manner, going back and forth between the players, until a player moves all of their rabbits to the other side or loses them all.


The game comes to an end when a player either moves all of their rabbits to the other side of the board or when a player loses all of their rabbits. If a player is able to relocate all of their rabbits, then they win the game. On the other hand, if a player loses all of their rabbits, then they lose the game.

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